Morten Ladehoff

Born 1978 in Denmark. Graduated as an organist in 2002 (advanced

performance class in 2004) and as a composer in 2007 from The Royal

Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark. Among the teachers were Karl

Aage Rasmussen, Bent Sørensen, Rolf Walin and Hans Abrahamsen.

Further studies at HMDK Stuttgart.

Morten Ladehoff has written music for many different instrumental

constellations, and is constantly exploring new ways of instrumental

idiomatic - often with the use of customized mechanical and motorized

machines and objects. He is inspired by the strictness of conceptual

art, and the exploration of sound and gesture.

His music unites complex poly-metrical textures with minimal micro-repetition in a musical language of mechanical action, deconstruction and manipulated historical references.

Commissions and first performances by professional musicians and ensembles including ‘Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen’, ‘Ensemble Ernst’ (NO), ‘Plus Minus Ensemble’ (UK), ‘NJYD-quartet’ (DK), ‘Jutlandia Saxophone Quartet’ (DK), Ainhoa Miranda (SP).

His works has been performed at important festivals: ‘Warsaw Autumn’, ’KLANG’, ‘Nordic Musicdays’, ‘Ultima‘, ‘UNM’, a.o.

He is published by Edition-S, and is represented at several CD-recordings both as a composer and performer (Dacapo and Classico). 

Winner of the Holmboe Composition Competition 2006, awarded the ‘Little Mermaid Prize 2004’ and finalist at ‘Haarlem International Improvisation Competition 2014’. 

He has been teaching music theory at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus since 2008. In 2020 appointed cathedral organist/music director at Viborg Cathedral.